Alexandria "Ally" Winter Ice is the daughter of a Ice couple.


Name: Alexandria "Ally" Winter Ice

Age: 15

Parent: An Ice couple

DoB:  January 26, 1997

Elemental Style: I love everything turquoise.

Element: Ice

Gender: Female

Likes: Hard rock music, tomboyish fashion designs, cosplaying, everyone at Elemental High and rainbows.

Dislikes: Hot food, bad music, discordance and everything evil.

Pets: Sybil is her pet cat. Her fur color is black.

Flaw: She tends to freeze people with her icy breath when she sneezes.

Pet Peeve: When people bumps into her arm instead of saying "hello".

Favorite Food: Ice cream.

Favorite Color: Blue.



Ally is very sweet and fun. She's the cutest of Elemental High. She's one of the best students ever met.


She has white hair with blue streaks all over her hair especially her bangs. Her bangs has a big blue streak on it with icy light blue extensions. She has light blue lipstick and blue and gray eyeshadow. She has pale skin and light blue eyes. She was fading blue all over her hands and feet. She has blue nail polish.


  • She's voiced by Tara Strong.
  • She enjoys snowflakes.
  • Her favorite season is Winter.
  • Her favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • This is Shanell0420's first character.
  • This is the first character to be an Ice elemental.